• For determination of heat combustion of organic matter and calorific value and sulphur content of coal, solid and liquid fuels.

  • The Bomb has a capacity of 300ml approximately.

  • The bomb is provided with a high-pressure schrader valve, which opens and allows filling of bomb, by oxygen because of oxygen pressure from the cylinder.

  • Each bomb is tested as per the requirement of Institute of petroleum (IP 12/63T).

  • Supplied with Bomb Calorimeter Vessel with Bomb Support, Water Jacket, and Combined Lid for Calorimeter Vessel.

  • Supplied with water Jacket, Stirrer, Connecting leads, connecting tube to connect bomb and pressure gauge.

  • Connecting tube with fine adjustment valve to connect pressure gauge and oxygen cylinder.

  • With pressure gauge on stand, spanner for oxygen tube connection, ignition wire (2 meters) Nichrome.

  • With Cotton Reel, stand for Bomb Lid, Hook for lifting Bomb, Stainless Steel Crucible.

  • With Gelatine Capsules, Gas Release Valve, Jacket Thermometer.

  • With Bomb Firing Unit, Vibrator, Timer, Illuminator with Magnifier, Pellete Press.

  • With Digital Beckman Thermometer, Benzoic Acid of known calorific value 'O' Ring Small, 'O' Ring for stirrer.

  • With Valve for Bomb and Valve Key. 




 supplied without oxygen cylinder

AGBC (Digital)

supplied with oxygen cylinder of 10 liters capacity, complete pipe fittings, regulator & key.


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