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  • The water distillate from Quartz Single Distillation Apparatus is beyond compare with water distillate obtained from other types/method of distillation apparatus.

  • Pyrogen free distillate obtained which is free of heavy metals.

  • Instant distilled water flow.

  • Quartz Boiler (SiO2) is chemically inert to most solvents and acids, hence purer distillate.

  • No heat loss in the boiler, hence saves electrical power.

  • High performance with low maintenance.

  • Compact design with all contact of water with High Pure Electronic Grade Transparent Quartz Only.

  • The main unit has got a bottom boiler and top boiler with condenser, which can be easily separated (Demountable), for necessary cleaning or maintenance. A bottom vent is provided in bottom boiler for general cleaning and maintenance.

  • The main constituent of Quartz is SiO2>99.9%, which makes the apparatus highly resistant to any thermal shock, diversification and resistant to water and acids.

  • The electrical heaters are so designed, they do not come into contact with water, because they are embedded inside a quartz tube, hence nullifying the possibility of metal contamination by the heater.

  • The distillate obtained from this apparatus is PYROGEN FREE, it is also free from metal ions.

  • Demountable ball joint.

  • Spiral heaters has better life span than tubular sheathed heater.

        (A) With Quartz Boiler and Corning Condenser (SINGLE STAGE)

1 Lt./hr
2 Lt./hr
3 Lt./hr
4 Lt./hr
5 Lt./hr

       (B) ALL QUARTZ With Quartz Boiler and Quartz Condenser (SINGLE & DOUBLE STAGE)

1 Lt./hr
2 Lt./hr
3 Lt./hr
4 Lt./hr


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